IPDRE Hosts Young Professionals from Uzbekistan

IPDRE hosted a training course for a group of trainees from Uzbekistan from October 31 to November 11, 2022.
Six young professionals working in the research and development sector in Uzbekistan joined the training course entitled "Training on Ecology and Environmental Protection." The course was designed to cover key topics for ecology and environmental conservation in drylands such as:
  1. Grassland/Rangeland ecology, soil ecology and ecosystem restoration
  2. Plant/Crop improvement
  3. Applied meteorology/climatology and remote sensing & GIS
  4. Sustainable land management and water management
  5. International cooperation in Central Asia
These topics were covered in 12 lectures, 2 practical trainings, and 2 field trips over the 2-week training period. (Please refer to the attached PDF program for the details.)

Training Program

These lectures, practical trainings and field trips were taught by instructors gathered from IPDRE, Arid Land Research Center, and the Faculty of Agriculture. The trainees learned and benefited a lot from all instructors' expertise. 
At the closing ceremony, all six trainees were awarded certificate of completion and were motivated to take what they have learned from the training course into practice in Uzbekistan. 

Taken during the ALRC faciity tour
Taken during the ALRC facility tour

Trainees learning procedures of CO2 flux measurement
Trainees learning procedures of CO2 flux measurement

Trainees learning how to fly a drone
Trainees learning how to fly a drone