Research Projects

At the International Platform for Dryland Research and Education, we worked on a six-year projects from the fiscal year 2016 to 2021. Our mission was to expand and integrate research in the field of dryland science, encompassing medical, engineering, and social sciences, with active participation from researchers across the university community. These projects aimed to broaden the horizons of dryland-related research within the university and foster the growth of comprehensive dryland science research. Building upon these interdisciplinary and international research projects, commencing in the fiscal year 2022, we have undertaken the "Seeds Research Project" as the bedrock for generating societal impact.
Currently, over 120 researchers hailing from diverse fields, including medicine, engineering, and social sciences, have been actively involved from across the entire university in five Seeds Research Projects: the "Climate Change Impacts and Ecosystem Restoration Project," "Agricultural and Rural Development Project," "Technology Development Project," "Community and Global Health Project," and "Sustainable Regional Promotion Project."
Furthermore, as a fresh initiative commencing in the fiscal year 2022, we have launched the "Innovation Project." Its purpose is to bridge the gap between the research outcomes derived from prior studies and their practical implementation in society.

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