Graduate School of Sustainability Science, Department of Dryland Science 鳥取大学 持続性社会創生科学研究科 国際乾燥地科学専攻

Faculty Members

"○"at the column of faculty name refers to a faculty who is qualified for research guidance.

A building name and room number are shown at the column under a faculty member name.

  • 【FA】Faculty of Agriculture
  • 【AC】Arid Land Research Center
  • 【FR】Faculty of Regional Sciences
  • 【FE】Faculty of Engineering

Instructors of Common Subjects

Affiliation Professor Associate Professor Junior Associate Professor Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering   Akira YOSHINO
【FE 2406】
Department of Regional Sciences Kippen A CATES
【FR 3140】

Faculty Members of Department of Dryland Science

Field of Education and Research Professor Associate Professor Junior Associate Professor Assistant Professor
Soil and Water Management Koji INOSAKO
【FA A-2130】
Dryland Environmental Resources Tsuneyoshi ENDO
【FA A-1640】
Construction and Management Engineering of Facility in Rural Regions Hidehiko OGATA
【FA A-2180】
Molecular Breeding Hisashi TSUJIMOTO
【AC B201】
Climate Risk Management Mitsuru TSUBO
【AC A209】
Conservation Informatics Atsushi TSUNEKAWA
【AC C203】
Fluvial Processes and Geomorphology in Drylands Paolo BILLI
【AC A220】
Irrigation and Drainage in Drylands Haruyuki FUJIMAKI
【AC A319】
Agricultural Development Studies Kumi YASUNOBU
【FA A-4310】
Plant Nutrition Satoshi YAMADA
【FA A-2650】
Revegetation Science in Drylands Norikazu YAMANAKA
【AC A215】
Environmental Soil Science Sadahiro YAMAMOTO
【FA A-1650】
Sustainable Land Management   Nigussie Haregeweyn AYEHU
【AC C203】
Plant Eco-Physiology   Ping AN
【AC A320】
Dryland Health and Medicine   Shinji OTANI
【AC C106】
Dryland Restoration and Conservation Ecology   Toshihiko KINUGASA
【FA A-1670】
Applied Meteorology in Drylands   Reiji KIMURA
【AC D05】
Dryland Climatology   Yasunori KUROSAKI
【AC D05】
Land Environment and Conservation   Tadaomi SAITO
【FA A-2120】
Agricultural Water Use and Management   Katsuyuki SHIMIZU
【FA A-2160】
Renewable Energy Engineering   Kotaro TAGAWA
【FR 3570】
Microbiology in Drylands   Takeshi TANIGUCHI
【AC A217】
Crop Production in Drylands   Eiji NISHIHARA
【FA A-1660】
Facilities and Environmental Materials   Masahiro HYODO
【FA A-2170】
Eco-environment and Resources in Drylands   Fei PENG
【AC C101】
Environmental Inorganic Chemical Toxicology   Sawako HORAI
【FR 4580】
Dryland Hydrology   Hiroshi YASUDA
【AC D05】
Theoretical Physics     Natsumi IKENO
【FR 3510】
Plant Cytogenetics     Takayoshi ISHII
【AC A308】
Agricultural Extension Studies       Asres Elias BAYSA
【FA A-3280】
Plant Genetic Engineering       Amin Elsadig Eltayeb HABORA
【AC C101】
Hydrospheric Environment Science       Yumi YOSHIOKA
【FA A-2200】



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