Graduate School of Sustainability Science, Department of Dryland Science 鳥取大学 持続性社会創生科学研究科 国際乾燥地科学専攻

The program for International Students

Special Program for Foreign Students in Arid Land Agricultural Sciences

“Special Program for Foreign Students in Arid Land Agricultural Sciences” at Department of Agricultural Science and Department of Dryland Science of the Graduate School of Sustainability Science is provided for the engineers and researchers in developing countries with arid land.The research and education areas in this program are extensive and varied including the bioproduction and breeding of crops suitable for arid land, environmental problems of soil and water, agricultural management and information related to international food problems.

Degree Completion Requirements

    Detailed information is provided in the Course Regulations Regarding Department of Dryland Science, Graduate School of Sustainability Science, Tottori University. Besides, students must enroll in the graduate school for at least 2 years to complete the master's program.

Curriculum for Special Program for Foreign Students in Arid Land Agricultural Sciences

    Compulsory subjects consist of three subjects (18 credits) taught by the primary supervisor and Special Exercises in Arid Land ⅠA and ⅡA.In addition, students are required to earn at least 30 credits combining compulsory and elective subjects. Students should consult the primary supervisor as for the choice of elective subjects.


    Please click on a following link to search syllabi.

Academic Calendar

Research Guidance

    Research guidance is given to a student by three faculty members consisting of one primary supervisor and two secondary supervisors. Students must prepare their research plan and research report under their primary supervisor's guidance and submit them by the designated dates each year. Lack of submission of a research plan or research report means that the student did not receive research guidance.



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